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“To stay quiet is as political an act as speaking out.”
Arundhati Roy, Author and Activist

The plight of the silenced can only be alleviated when enough are listening. Those suffering in Sri Lanka are stifled from speaking. Please lend them your voice.

This section contains addresses of key policy makers and news agencies along with sample letters and useful guides.

Interactive Timeline

This section contains a timeline depicting the historical background of the Sri Lankan conflict. Spanning from the pre-colonial era to present day events, the timeline allows the user to gain valuable insight into the causes of this conflict. (Launch Flash Timeline...)


In Pictures

Short documentary on Black July and links to other related videos. (view feature video...)

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Tamil Abductions: An SBS Dateline production on the recent abductions of Tamils in Sri Lanka.
Sivaram: Violence against Journalists (Part 2, Part 3): Film about the silencing of free speech through death and intimidation.
Shadow War: The emergence of 'paramilitaries' and their impact on the cease fire.
Still Photographs
The Violence Continues

Articles on the recent acts of persecution against the Tamil minority. (complete list of articles...)

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Touched by Tragedy: An Australian medical doctor teaching in the North East puts forth his first-hand view of the situation. pdf
I am not a Terrorist: The high price Tamils are forced to pay for basic human rights.
No Middle Way for Militant Monks: The role played by the Buddhist clergy in this conflict.
Black July in "Quotes"

A flash animation containing a series of observations depicting the events of July 1983 and its implications. Many of the quotes in this section are sourced from independent journalists and international witnesses.


A Few Last Words

There are several accounts of Tamils attributing their escape from death to their Sinhalese and Muslim neighbours. We are grateful to those who risked their own lives to allow Tamils to hide in their homes.

The 1983 anti-Tamil pogrom produced an exodus of Tamils who fled to all parts of the world. Our appreciation extends to countries, such as Australia, for welcoming them, and providing a safe home to live in.

We appreciate your thoughts, suggestions and queries. Please send us your feedback.

Your Story

Stories from witnesses and victims from around the Globe (TBA).

Did you or someone you know get affected by Black July or any other incident? Tell us your story.


Blood on many hands as Tamil Tigers' insurrection faces military defeat
By Hamish McDonald
Published: 2009/01/31

IT IS a strange feeling to look across a desk at a suave, articulate finance minister giving a highly competent rundown on his country's economy, and know that this same man was widely assumed by his citizens and resident diplomats to have run his own death squad.

This was the uneasy interview I held some years back in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, where all too often the politicians you saw giving a speech one day were being scraped off footpaths the next.

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Sri Lankan artists address anti-Tamil riots
By Ravi Nessman
Published: 2008/07/23

Anoma Rajakaruna has warm memories of her childhood in the diverse suburb of Panadura, where she went to the market and the pharmacy with her mother and chatted with neighbors in a mixture of English, Sinhalese and Tamil.

Then bloody riots targeting minority Tamils exploded across the Sri Lankan capital. The Tamil neighbors she once greeted disappeared. And her country was plunged into a civil war that continues to consume it.

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Twenty years on - riots that led to war
By Frances Harrison
BBC correspondent in Colombo
Published: 2003/07/23

The riots, triggered by the killing of a group of soldiers in the Tamil north of the island, led directly to the outbreak of civil war.

"In the lane there were about 50 to 75 people in a mob carrying all kinds of sticks and clubs and knives," recounts Shanthi Sachithanandam.

"They were shouting; it was like the sound of an ocean, a chilling sound" she says.
Shanthi got away in the nick of time while the mob banged on the car.

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